A Few Things || Spring


[ weezie towels | lake pajamas | wallpaper | mimi thorisson garden cake | sandals]

It is so nice to have longer and warmer days. I have changed my workout routine a bit lately and have started to do some short runs around the neighborhood and have to say that I’m enjoying the sunny days so much more. Being outside is a nice change from always working-out within the confines of a room. Admiring the flowers and greenery and hearing the birds chirp is so relaxing and rewarding. Of course, the runner’s high after is also pretty motivating. Let’s see how long I can keep this up!

Here are a few finds I have bookmarked in the last few weeks. I thought you would enjoy these!

ONE // Weezie Towels. I have not bought towels since we got married 14 years ago. We bought great quality towels back then and feel like they have been wonderful, but a few sets are starting to look tired and so I have been researching options. My friend has a set of Weezie towels and I just loved their quality so am thinking I need to try them. I think the starter pack would be perfect for us. I would add a blue trim and our initials.

TWO // Lake Pajamas. The patterns and styles of these pajamas are so cute! I always love having a few pairs of pjs that are chic and stylish for when we visit friends’ in their homes. I think Lake Pajamas are perfect for such occasions, plus you can match with your kiddos! It doesn’t get cuter than that! I love this pant set for travel, this little easy nightgown for summer, and this one for cozy nights.

THREE// Lulie Wallace Wallpaper. I have always loved Lulie Wallace’s beautiful paintings ever since I discovered them some years ago and was so excited to learn of her wallpaper collection. Her designs are so happy and delicate. I love her use of florals and patterns and bright colors. I think you will love them too. Even if you do not have any plans to use wallpaper anytime soon it’s nice to know these designs exist! I would not mind at all using this or this one in my home office.

FOUR// Garden Cake. I have shared my love for this cake before but since we are always inundated with information I thought I would remind you of this heavenly dessert. It is not only a beautiful thing to behold but it is also divine. If you could eat a cloud this is what I envision it would be like- Light and airy and delicious! It is so perfect for your special Passover or Easter meal this weekend. And what an ending it would be!

FIVE // Lavender Sandals. Cute, cute, cute! The fun lavender color and that chic and perfectly sized heel make these sandals standout. They also come in nude!

What fun plans do you have for this weekend? We have a good friend’s milestone birthday and of course a simple but yummy family Easter lunch at home on Sunday. I have not picked out my outfits yet for this weekend, but that will be have the fun! as always! Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter and Passover!