One Room Challenge || Week 4. Daughter's Study | Play Room Makeover


Welcome back for the One Room Challenge's Week 4 (you can see Week 1 here and Week 2 here and week 4 here!!)  I am re-designing my daughter's play room/study room this time around.  This is where the mad rush begins.  Time is running short and there is so much to get done!

I'm thrilled to be participating as a Guest Participant!! If you are not familiar with it The One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented featured designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  They share their progress every Wednesday.  And the Guest Participants (anyone can join!) report their progress on Thursdays.  So, today is Week 4 of the spring One Room Challenge journey.

Are you loving these blue and white brush stroke jars?  They are by the fabulous Jana Bek (she has amazing lamps and fabrics as well!).  I just got two of the 14 inch jars to use in this area.  I thought they would look great in the bookcase or desk.  So, I'm excited to see how to best style them. 


See??  Here they are!!!


This week I also searched for a pair of lamps to flank the two desks.  I needed something inexpensive and easy.  At first I wanted them blue and but then realized I needed more yellow to tie into my womb chair.  I found these great options on  These first ones I loved because they are tall, so I thought they would dress the wall and frame the window perfectly.  But alas, it's my daughter who has the final say.  Here are a few other options we considered-

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.15.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.15.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.15.07 PM.png

Which do you think she chose?  They should be arriving tomorrow!  Fingers crossed!!

Also, another fun accessory is my Britannica Jr. Encyclopedia from when I was a kid.  So old school....but so very cool.  My mom was the sweetest saving this all these years.  These should be fun in the bookcase.


Everything is moving along.  The bookshelf should be ready any day. You will LOVE the art selection! I'm so excited about this one.  You will need to check out my post next Thursday for a sneak peek into the art that will be in this room.  The art is always the best part, isn't it? Stay tuned! Here is my checklist from the first day:

  • PENDING. new bookcase. It is being painted as we speak. Install should occur in the next few days. Fingers Crossed.

  • DONE. new fabric for shades and ottoman cubes. We need to think of color schemes that can work with the existing turquoise/light blue in here. My daughter has shown interest in wanting a blue and white space, which I like. A LOT. So this may very well be the direction we go in.

  • DONE. new pillows for sofa

  • DONE. Arrived! nicer lounge chair

  • DONE! moved another desk in which we had in our family room. take a look at desk situation

  • Ordered! and waiting for arrival. take a look at table lamp situation

  • Ordered!! This is exciting! I will share with you next week. re-evaluate the art

  • style and accessorize.

  • In process of being painted. Will share with you more next week. chandelier.


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