A Few Things || Holidays


A few days left of school and we are on Holiday vacation! Hooray for hot chocolates, decorating cookies and watching Christmas movies. Our home is decorated and our spirits are high. We can’t wait for our friends and family to arrive. We are busy, busy as I’m sure you are too! A few things that are on my mind this week-

ONE || PARTY ATTIRE. Aside from planning amazing meals for the upcoming gatherings planning outfits is also fun and necessary (can I cook with that top or will my sleeves catch fire? these and other questions have come up as I think thru wardrobe choices). I’m especially loving this skirt (it is only $95!), this red dress, this top and these shoes! I linked to to other festive attire at the bottom. It should be plenty to get you inspired.

TWO || SWEET PARIS. It has been sad reading all about the riots in Paris. It is such a magical and special city. I hope to visit it soon. In the meantime, I saw this itinerary and saved it for future use. It sounds pretty perfect to me.

THREE || PUMPKIN BREAD. Oh My Goodness! My sweet friend gifted me this beautiful loaf pan and so of course the first thing I did was find a good pumpkin recipe to inaugurate this beautiful gift. Little did we know it was going to become our morning obsession. This pumpkin bread is delicious and easy to make! We substituted the nuts for 1 cup of chocolate chips and the wheat flour with buckwheat flour. It is DIVINE!!!

FOUR || LIQUID EYE LINER. I have begun using liquid mascara and I’m really happy with the effect. The eye competition is getting steeper with so many people wearing amazing fake eye lashes. I think they look so beautiful but am worried about losing the ones I do have. Enter this liquid eye liner that can make your eye pop without any damage. Yes, please!!

FIVE || MONOGRAMMED BLANKET. This blanket the perfect gift (at a really great price!). The blanket comes in all sorts of colors and you can choose from several beautiful monograms. Order soon to have before Christmas! or save the idea for a birthday or Mother’s day. It is a perfect gift anytime!

And here are some festive attire ideas for your upcoming parties !!! Any fun ones you want to share?