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Welcome to Week Five of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! If you missed Week One, Two, Three and Four you can catch up here, here, here, and here. Week five pretty much means we need to wrap this up and take those beloved reveal photos. We are finalizing the room as we speak. Hanging art, styling bookcases (you all know how difficult this is!), fluffing pillows, placing accessories, buying plants and flowers and adding all those special touches that make the room stand out.

After last week’s post we had major progress in terms of the wallpaper. First of all, it arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL!! And, second of all, we got it INSTALLED!! It looks so good! I’m really thrilled with the way it looks and with how the room feels with it- cozier, warmer and super chic! My anxiety level has now lowered after seeing it successfully installed as this is a key piece in the room design. The wallpaper needed to work for the room to really pack a punch. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you all the story behind how we got to use this wallpaper in this playroom.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.36.52 PM.png

The key piece of this playroom's design is the accent wall, which I wanted to highlight with a really great blue and white wallpaper.  This wall is right across from the door you enter as you come into the room so it was the perfect wall to really make an impact.  I shared my accent wall idea with Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda (after all, aside from being a friend she is a One Room Challenge Pro. This one is one of my favorites). During this conversation she mentioned she was working on a wallpaper design- currently the first in a series. What?!! Yes!  The news could not be more timely or more exciting!  So we agreed to collaborate on this project. I would be able to use her first wallpaper design for this playroom. I agreed to use her wallpaper without having yet seen the final design and this is because I was confident in her taste and style and knew anything she created would be totally amazing. And adding to this excitement is that Milton and King would be printing it! The result, we love our hydrangea wallpaper so much!  It makes the space and the quality is excellent.  The wallpaper sets the tone and makes the room unique and fabulous.  The wallpaper is fresh, young, happy and elegant without taking itself too seriously.  In other words, it is perfect for this sophisticated playroom for an 11 year-old! (Rumor has it Mr. and Mrs. C. are now hanging out here in the evenings because they love it so much).

The excitement of the wallpaper arriving just in time!-


Let me remind you what the wall we will accent looks like (it is the back wall, which includes the window nook). The corners that go into the window nook are rounded and those corner overhangs are complicated.

IMG_4872 3.jpg

But it starts to go up. This guy calls himself the Michelangelo of wallpaper. And after seeing him work his magic through those tough corners and weird overhangs I have to agree. There are some things that should be left to professionals and this was definitely one of them! Even prepping the wall was harder than expected. What we thought would be a morning install took a full day! Looking good right?


It’s up and we could not be happier. I ran into Mr. C. the next day and he mentioned a piece of the wallpaper had fallen. I almost died. He was joshing and I almost died of a heart attack!

Below you can see how absolutely perfect the Fabricut Orico Sailboat fabric goes with the wallpaper. It is as if they were a match made in heaven. The shade in the same fabric goes up tomorrow. Talk about a big day!


In the above photo you can appreciate the level of detail in Jennifer’s Hydrangea wallpaper. The leaves and petals are just so pretty. It is that perfect balance of intricate and simple that makes the design so beautiful. And I love the floating petals that add that touch of whimsy.

The One Room Challenge Sponsors have been so generous. Thank you so much- Pink Pagoda for letting us use your design, Milton and King for the great quality wallpaper and Fabricut for the beautiful fabrics. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and to show you all next week!

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