One Room Challenge || Week 3 Playroom


Welcome to Week Three of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! If you missed Week One and Two you can catch up here and here. A huge thank you to Linda for inviting me to be a featured designer in this round. This week was a difficult one and things didn’t seem to go our way (no internet being one of them!) but we did make some progress- we installed most of the light fixtures and we did get some pieces in from our fabulous sponsors which I can’t wait to share with you!

The theme for this week is ‘Let There Be Light!’ The main pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting were installed yesterday and I can’t even tell you how stunning they look! They elevate the space to another level completely. They make the room more sophisticated, inviting, cleaner, and so much brighter (in every sense of the word!). The gold frame is elegant and modern adding a cool vibe to the space.

These are the beautiful pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting being installed, because who doesn’t love an action shot.


The ceiling is high and these are big. But they are up!! We did it!

Spectacular right? And here they are with the light on-

Hudson Valley Lighting-Pendant.jpg

The photos don’t do them justice. They really are showstoppers. Mrs. C. and I are just so excited over these. Thank you Hudson Valley Lighting for sponsoring this great event and for sponsoring our project. The lighting selection at Hudson Valley Lighting is incredible. It was hard to make our final selection because we were in love with more than just a few of their pieces but I think our final selection is just ideal because the pendants are young and fresh, in my opinion- perfect for a playroom!

We are also in the process of installing a couple of really divine smaller pendants for the bar area (there will be two) from Crystorama. These are so pretty and go perfectly with the larger pendants you just saw. Forget about these 10- and 11-year old girls hanging out here- the moms just might steal this space! These small round pendants are designed by a favorite designer Brian Patrick Flynn, whose taste I really admire, so of course I was drawn to these from the first moment I saw them. Totally amazing, right? These pendants are interesting and modern and the gold finish will be perfectly complemented by the newly painted gray bar cabinets that will also have beautiful gold hardware. Thanks Crystorama for making our bar extra cooler. We can’t love these pendants any more!


Wait till the second one goes up! This bar area will be THE place to get some lemonade after school!

And here you can see some very important goodies we got in this week. The Article sectional is such good quality and is so comfortable! We wanted a large sectional that could accommodate a ton girls for movie nights and sleepover playdates. This is the perfect sofa because of all this! It is cozy, spacious and so comfy! And it is pretty to look at as well! It was so difficult to choose the best sofa with so many great looking options on Article. And they were so quick to deliver as well. This is essential in projects like this where time is of the essence!

I was not familiar with Article before this challenge but am now a huge fan. They carry mid-century, Scandinavian and contemporary inspired furniture (take a look). Their customer service was wonderful and I was sold the minute I sat down on the new sectional. Also, the price point is really great for the quality you are getting in exchange.

Also, the wishbone chairs from Hayneedle in the back will go around a work table which should be on it’s way. This work space will be great for group projects and just good old-school studying with enough space to spread books and notes out . The white chairs are sleek and comfortable. I always loved these wishbone chairs so was excited to get to use them for this space. Thank you Article and Hayneedle for such great pieces that will make our room so comfortable and beautiful.


Thanks for stopping by! I will be sharing more about other sponsors next week! Stay tuned.

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Thank you for your generous sponsorship Hudson Valley Lighting, Crystorama, Article and Hayneedle.