Friday Links


Happy Friday!  I'm especially excited for today because it's my baby's birthday!  I hope to share photos of the little party with you next week.  The theme this year is stars and moons....the sky is the limit! (literally!).  We have a great time coming up with themes.  We try and come up with something original before it becomes too trendy.  Good thing we did the pineapple theme last year!  It's a tiny party really, only a few girls are coming over to swim in the pool at night...under the stars......Some fun links for your weekend reading-

1 || Designs by Ashley Whittaker.  I really enjoyed this post on Ashley Whittaker by the NeoTrad. Ashley's designs are colorful, classic and feminine.

2 || Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Cake.  This recipe seems divine!  I hope to try it for my next dinner party.  It is the perfect mix of yummy and healthy.

3 || Hotels and Restaurants with the best wallpapers.  If you like wallpaper this will be a visual feast.

4 || After seeing these photos I really want to visit Russia. (I know now is not the best time )

5 || I thought this was the cutest wristlet bag.  I think these earrings are really fabulous and must look stunning on.

6 || Looking to plan a destination wedding or other sort of destination celebration?  I loved discovering this amazing palazzo in Lake Como via You May Be Wandering.  What a beautiful place to mark a special milestone.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Rest well! xx