Pineapple Chic Birthday Party

We celebrated Little Miss A's birthday this week with this tropical pineapple theme.  It was a simple but sweet affair. We dressed up the kitchen table with a homemade tablecloth, added some greenery a beautiful cake and cookies and the perfect party supplies to bring the party to life.  See more-

The fabulous and DIVINE birthday cake was by the ultimate cake maker here in Dallas Unique Cakes by Paola.  So your mouth can water- it had three tiers of lemon pound cake with dulce de leche filling and a meringue cover. It is always so much fun to work with Paola.  She is so creative and always brings my ideas to life.  Follow her on instagram to see her latest.

The adorable cookies were from Highland Park Pie Lady.  Reggie is the sweetest and makes the prettiest and yummiest cookies in town.

And a party would not be a party without Via Blossom's perfect party supplies. Via Blossom is the perfect combination of knowing parties and trends, imagination and sophistication.  I can always find exactly what I envision.  And their Instagram account is so fun to follow.  You will be inspired for your next party.

The fabric I used for the tablecloth is this one.  It could not be more perfect!

And just like that my baby is a year older.  I love dreaming up these small and sweet parties.  I wonder what theme we will choose for next year!

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[all photos by AC]