Happy & Bright Weekend

This photo gives 'Happy Friday' new meaning! A sublime little corner of this gem of a jewelry store (no pun intended!) in Mumbai, India!  You have to see the rest of this beauty here. Another day, another week and Spring just gets closer and closer. A few fun links to keep you entertained throughout the weekend-

|| Four ingredient flourless brownie bites.  Very Curious! 

|| The latest hair trend.  I have now passed on all the bows my mom and I used to wear some years back to Little Miss A (she is not so little anymore, I think it's time we moved on to Miss A).  Maybe I can borrow them back? 

||  Our trip to the Galapagos Islands a few years ago was very special.  I loved reading this article on five reasons why you should visit.

||  A fun and inexpensive top with bows is always a good idea.

|| Love earrings that make a statement but not the bank?  You will love these and these.

||  This is the chicest straw bag of the season. 

|| This bathing suit has the prettiest back I ever did see.

Have a wonderful and bright weekend!

[photo via Architectural Digest]