A Few Things

A few days in Colorado and I feel refreshed.  Those mountains, that sky, the views,  the beautiful snow ... all really make me lighter somehow.  There is nothing like enjoying nature's beauty and vastness, and friends and family intensely for a few days.  Today I'm sharing 'A Few Things' with you today that have made me dream up DIYs, plan tablesettings.....in short....a few things to make your life prettier, healthier....

1 //  The golden pineapple placeholders are chic, timely and add warmth and hospitality to a beautiful tablesetting.

2 //  I thought this Frida Khalo fabric dolly was such a sweet gift.  An exciting change to the tired stuffed animal all babies get.  Frida is a sophisitcated alternative for that sweet girl that just entered the world. 

3 //  A healthy and delicious snack is always good to have ready and on-hand when those unexpected cravings hit.  This snack mix is on my to-do list for this weekend.

 4 //  I loved learning about this magazine option to print your iPhone photos.  What an easy and beautiful way to save and enjoy your photos before they are deleted to make room for more photos (whose storage is always full when you need to take a photo urgently??!!)  These would be so fun to stack in your coffee table.

5 // Removable Chinoiserie Wallpaper?  Someone pinch me please!  I learned about Tempaper through Jennifer's instagram (her blog is Belclaire House) when she added it to her baby's closet.  Aside from chic Chinoiserie designs, they have this cool banana leaf paper, another fun leafy option,

Enjoy! xx

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