Pleats Please!

I save a lot of clothes I don't wear anymore.  I think it's because I always wish my mom had done so.  I see her in old photographs in her chic Pucci dresses and torture her with the same question, Why didn't you save that dress?  or that jacket?  So, now I'm saving all the pieces that I think can withstand the test of time for my daughter to enjoy later on.  In some instances I have even been able to wear certain of my old things again. A grey pleated skirt from some years back, for example, has made a comeback with a vengeance!  Below, I have highlighted some cute and not terribly expensive ones so you too can jump on the bandwagon.  This pleated dual tone skirt is my favorite.

|| The best pieces to get at Target.

|| I loved reading this article on losing weight.

||  The latest best Ikea hacks.  It is always inspiring to see how other people change up and improve Ikea pieces. These ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

|| I'm always looking for my next good read and I enjoyed going through all the books that Emma Watson read last year.  She has some great picks.  I recently finished Galileo and Flowers for Algernon. They can't all be beach reads right? Both were great.

||  Mignonne Gavigan is having a 25% off sale with code MLK25!  This is your chance to get your Le Charlot Pearl scarf necklace.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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