Just a few fun things I gathered from around the web.  This has become my filing system with so many cute and original things out to keep track of everything?  So, if I share them with you I can always come back to the post for reference.  Our first item for today- chic gardening supplies.You thought you hated gardening and all the chores it entails until you saw these things.
FILE UNDER || Garden Accessories. Garden Glory has one of the most original product offerings I have seen- adorable garden accesories, like spades, hoses and plant vases that come in millions of colors.  A golden or pink hose?  Sign me up! Take a look at this Lion pot this adorable  watercan and this extra pretty spade. These also make amazing gifts for those people who have everything.  I doubt they have a pink watering can shaped like a jewel!  

FILE UNDER || Interior Design Accessories.  Studio McGee is a favorite interior design group.  I really admire their designs, they are all clean and full of life. Well, I had no idea they have an online shop where you can findbeautifully curated pieces of furniture and accessories that they use in their own work.  I fell in love with this mirror made out of acrylic and brass.  How pretty does it look in this room?

FILE UNDER || Art of Snail Mail.  I have completely run out of ALL stationery.  It caught me off guard and now I'm needing something stat.  I'm trying to find something not very expensive, but different and came across Paper Culture. I really loved the following three designs. Which would you rather get in the mail? This  botanical print ?


Although I could surely use more than one set of personalized cards.  How about a whole stationery wardrobe!  I learned about Haute Papier from the super chic and always 'inthe know' Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips. FILE UNDER ||  Art of Snail Mail.  With them you can design a whole box filled with different types of paper needs....calling cards, notepads, stationery.  I love this Navy Stationery Wardrobe


And this Fuschia Stationery wardrobe is so cute as well!  These make great wedding, engagement and hostess gifts too.  What a great gift idea to keep in mind.

FILE UNDER || Interiors

Addison Weeks who makes really beautiful brass boxes, and accessories for the home (they do jewelry too!) also has elegant hardware for your cabinets!  I had no idea and just learned about this on their Instagram.  Talk about jewels for your drawers. Pulls never looked so good.

FILE UNDER || Fashion and Style

I love, love being barefoot!  It gives me a sense of freedom, but I do love a cute pair of slippers.  It was fun to learn about this little shopcalled Birdies Slippers that sells all kinds of slippers.  Do I change my ways?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  We are half way there!