Tabletop || Sasha Nicholas

I adore everything about a beautifully set table- the flatware, the stemware, linens....the plates!  Oh the plates.  I wish I had unlimited funds and unlimited storage space to buy and collect plates.  And cooking delicious meals to go along with these beautiful tabletops would not be a problem either.  It's really all about gathering around the dinner table and coming together.  If you have a pretty table, even better, right? I recently learned about Sasha Nicholas and their beautiful personalized plates.  You can choose your monogram style and color and they will hand decorate your plates.  Their work is stunning and it represents more than just pretty plates. These pieces are meaningful dinnerware.  Let me show you-

You can even include a handwritten inscription at the bottom of the piece is a gift.  What a beautiful and special idea!  Can you imagine getting a personalized ice bucket from people you love with a sweet note at the bottom in their handwriting that reminds you of them? Christmas list is getting longer.....See more of Sasha Nicholas plates here.

[ All photos via Sasha Nicholas ]