Must Have Earrings || The Grapes

A few months ago I found these fabulous earrings in NYC.  I took a photo of them and emailed them to a few friends.  "Look at these!!  Want me to get you some?"  I'm a good friend that way.  So I'm now a proud owner of some RED grapes and so is my friend (we both have dark hair and they are STUNNING on).  #Twinsies!  Let me tell you about these fun, different and colorful earrings called The Grapes.  They are by Sachin and Babi a husband and wife design duo. Not only are they fashion designers but also home decor designers.  Their store in the Upper East side is filled with so many fun things I wasn't sure where to start.  But The Grape Earrings were what caught my attention first.  Let me show you-

They come in a rainbow of colors so you are sure to find that perfect pair that speaks most loudly to you.  I tried on a few colors and it was hard to make the decision. I was mostly between the red and the black. They are handmade in India, and take 26 hours to make (per pair!) and use 3,500 glass beads.  Now, that is a work of art.  Which are your favorites? See all the available colors here.


[All photos via Sachin and Babi