Rose and Ivy Journal is Out

The latest Rose and Ivy Journal is out, and you must read it. It is beautiful and inspiring and immeditealy invites you to start your next daydreaming session. Alison Engstrom, the creative behind all the aspects of the magazine is a talented photographer, stylist, writer and cook that shares her romantic lens of life with us all through her journal. The photography is beautiful, the stories are interesting, the travel articles give you incurable cases of wanderlust, the recipes are delicious and the product recommendations are exactly what you needed to know. This latest issue is even more special to me because it covers many cities in Spain that include some of my recommendations of great local spots and things to do.  So it was fun getting to see her perspective on all these places.

What can you expect in this volume? She interviews both ladies behind Veronica Beard, their fabulous namesake brand. She also shares with us the best skin care products with charcoal that help maintain the best level of cleanliness.  She covers Madrid in 48 hours, shares all about the magic of SevilleGranada, introduces us to new up and coming fashion brands, and gives us yummy recipes to try (dying to make these stuffed tomatoes).  All in all the Rose and Ivy Journal is a breath of fresh air.  Some photos-

Pamper yourself and read it.  You will feel refreshed and more relaxed.

[all photos via Rose and Ivy]