Happy Friday and Links

You must see the rest of this beautiful home. Nothing like a white crisp beach home with black accents making it cool and modern- perfect for relaxing. Also, here are some weekend links-

|| This top is just arrived at my doorstep and I love the look and fit.  Talk about the perfect top for work or meetings. Dress it down with jeans for a casual dinner.  And it's so soft. 

||  We are living longer and need to take good care of our bodies, which includes being consistent with workouts.  There are no excuses with these great phone workout apps

|| I have apples on my mind. Foolproof Tarte Tatin?  Yes please! or a more classic Apple Pie?  Of course!

|| Red Velvet pants.  I would not have thought of getting a pair, but I love these.

||  Fun wall decal.  Perfect for a powder bathroom perhaps? 

|| ShopBop is having a surprise sale and here are my picks-

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