Fall Blogger Stylin' Home Tours

We have a whole lot of great home tours for you today.  The White Buffalo Styling Company has arranged a full week of home tours from interior design bloggers around the web.  If you are coming from Kristin's Bliss at Home, welcome!! She is one of my favorites, plus her living room is spectacular.  

I'm going to give you a little tour of my home today and then lead you on to the next tour.  As everyone starts preparing for Fall it will be fun to see how everyone is changing things up for the colder days ahead.  I actually leave my home pretty much the same no matter what time of year we are in.  And it's still so hot here in Texas that I don't start getting into Fall mode until the end of October. Let's start my home tour, shall we?! 

This is my family room which made it's debut on The One Room Challenge here.  I love the pinks in this space.  The Mongolian Lamb Stools are always a big hit since they were an Ikea Hack DIY.  The pink painting is by Jenny Andrews.  I just love her work.

The peony prints are from The Vault Files Shop and the two large black and white prints are from Minted and the marbleized one is from here.

 A peek into our library....books galore....This is the coziest room of the house and where my husband spends most of his time working.

When you enter the house via the garage this is the little foyer you arrive into.  I did this one during the One Room Challenge as a Linking Participant. See all the photos of the project here.  The fabulous upholstered table is from LivenUp designs.  It's an Etsy store you need to file as a favorite.  They do amazing work.

I'm still quite #obsessed with my Fornasetti plates.  I want a few more to finish off that set.

If you open us the door from the photo above....you go into this bathroom here.  I just love the contrast of the print on this SW Funky Yellow wall. This makes for a fun pool bathroom.

Here is my Bar'Moire (armoire turned into a bar) I DIYed which stands in the living room.  Read all about it here.

And now that we know each other better....let me show you my closet....which I designed during the One Room Challenge here.  The beautiful painting is by Reagan Geschardt which I got thru the Pink Pagoda's shop.  She always has great originals from very talented artists.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these shots of my home!  Tomorrow, a fabulous blog you will adore, withHeart, will start off tomorrow's home tours.  Check her out!  Thanks so much Lindsay for putting this inspirational blog home tour together and for having me join!

[most photos by AC | mudroom photos by Shana Anderson | closet photos by Jason Kindig]