Friday- Faux Fur Bomber Jackets and Links

Happy Friday! We made it!  I'm excited for this weekend because I'm setting up a blind date!  I'm hosting a dinner at home with friends and including this lady and gent.  Will they hit it off? Will sparks fly?  Let's see!  Let the wine flow, right?  Ok, so I saw these faux bomber jackets on Instagram and nearly COOL!! They are made by a daughter/mother duo...they produce by batches and put them in their shop every couple of weeks ! They don't have any up currently but will be on the lookout for them. Uhm, hello...I need one! Read more about them here.

Some fun links for you this weekend-

1 || This online home shop has such fun and ecclectic pillows, rugs and more.

2 || Feeling artsy?  Try your hand at this adorable DIY painting

3  ||  I was so happy to learn that Lekha Singh (remember this amazing artist/photographer/film producer I blogged about here?) Well, one of her large scale photographs from her Weeds series now will be housed in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at UC Berkeley.  It is intended to inspire creativity and a different viewpoint among engineering students toward complex global problems. Read more here. Very Exciting!

4 ||  This lips print is adorable. Love furry stools?  This one is a winner.

5 || Dying to try this two ingredient and super healthy banana ice cream bites.

6  || Step up your networking.

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