On My Mind || A Rainbow of Colors

We have 2 and a half days of school left. Uhm, where did the time go? Of course, my daughter is thrilled and thinks summer means no reading and no work. But little does she know I have some summer workbooks in the closet.  I am excited for summer vacation it just arrived so quickly and feel like I have so much to do before school gets out.  Since it has been raining non-stop here I thought some bright things would cheer me everyone up.  Let's please start with the rainbow steak knives.  They are by Laguiole, a french company and they are fabulous.  I have a set and always look forward to using them when we make steaks.  They come in a pretty wooden box and at $62 they make an amazing gift (even for father's day! It's not too early to plan ahead).  The bright print is a limited edition and is kind of mesmerizing, don't you think?  The melamine plates are perfect for all your summer picnics. They are chic and shatter proof and they are $42 for a set of four.

The sandals with that bit of fringe in the front are so cute! And they come in blue as well.  But I think yellow is just killer. The brass plated coffee table is spectacular. And that white blouse which is on super sale is so fresh and perfect for everyday wear.  I think anything that has that high-low cut is so flattering. I really need to get it asap.  And the prettiest tulip skirt is on sale as well.  Take advantage!

And I will come back tomorrow with some sales!