Hang Something in front of a Mirror

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  I know I earned this weekend. I'm exhausted!  Before I give you the run down on some sales and fun finds I needed to share this photo with you.  Do you love it as much as I do?  I'm so scared of ever decorating with red and this console and chairs just make me want to change that.  This space is designed by Alexandra Loew. You can see the rest of the apartment here.

The console is by Write Now, which she lacquered in two shades of red to make it even more striking and the chairs are from Eccola.  And how interesting that she hung a photograph on the mirror.  This is something she is known for so you don't really see yourself but pieces of the room. “I use mirrors not for vanity, but to amplify spaces,” she explains.) I adore everything about this.  Ok, so for links-

|| This was a fun article about all the things we no longer do because of technology.

||  Lulu and Georgia is having 25% off with code TAKE25, through the 25th.  Loving this Koi tabletop collection. it's so colorful and different.

||  I have been eyeing this skirt for a while and it's on sale now!  But they don't have my size! But maybe they have it in yours?

||  The favorite sandals are on sale. What? and these shoes are only $27? How is that even possible?

||  If you didn't know tiles in interior design are trending. This is a great article that will put you up to speed.

||  love the boldness and brightness of this home.

[photo William Waldron by via ]