The Wooden Bathtub

When it comes to bathrooms I'm usually attracted to glamorous ones.  You know, maybe they have some amazing marble, gold accents or some kind of fabulous modern lighting. But there was something about this simple and serene bathroom that I was very attracted to even in its rustic style.  After a moment I realized that it was the spectacular wooden bathtub that really caught my attention. It makes quite the statement.  In my renewed love and respect for bathing (instead of showering) I could not help but admire this sculptural piece designed by Nina Mair.  The tub and basin are carved from a solid blog of aromatic walnut and then refined, polished and oiled by hand. I can envision the bathing experience being magical.

Beautiful, right?  It's a work of art in my opinion and really reminds me that there is so much beauty in simplicity.