On My Mind || Flower Power

I agree with Ralph Walso Emerson's saying "the earth laughs in flowers".  They are so lovely to look at... to smell. They can soften our moods and hearts almost immediately.  I just love them anywhere and everywhere and now that Spring is only two months away (can you believe it!) we can let ourselves dream a little bit.  I know many of you have probably seen this blue and white family room, but I have loved it from the first moment I saw it and to this day I think about this photo quite often. I just had to share it with you. I discovered this floral skull print only yesterday via Instagram and it led me to a young brazilian artist called Francisco Valle. His work is very cool, see it here. I really like the contrast and negative space.

I adore that PaperlessPost now offers paper versions of their beautiful online designs.  When I moved to our new house I ordered this pink peony design and just adore writing sweet notes on it.  The back of the flat card is covered in peonies. It is fabulous!  This magnificent Designer's Guild floral print pillow ,available at Society Social, is breathtaking. Expensive, but breathtaking and worth every penny.  These cute, wear-everyday loafers are on sale!  The purple Moroccan floral tea glasses are adorable and would beautiful in a blue and white table setting.  I can just envision them adding that perfect fun factor to your tabletop (and they are only $52 for 6! I love deals like that!).  I love a small faux floral because it means you get flower beauty 24/7/365.  It's kind of like the purchase that keeps on giving.  I have a faux peony that I just adore.  And this simple dress is what my summertime uniform looks like- something easy you can just throw on and look put-together in.  I love how it's longer in the back. This adds a bit of an edge to it and it's on sale for $90!!

Are you coveting any floral things lately?  Or is Spring to far off for you?