Home || Black and White Inspiration

Have you seen photos of our old house?  Well, it was filled with color to the top. I mean fuchsia curtains, light blue walls, green sofa.....and this was just the living room.  I really loved how all the colors worked together and we enjoyed living in this space every single minute.  But now, my home is definitely more muted.  There is color, but I'm finding tranquility in mostly grays, whites and blacks.  Black and white rooms are elegant, peaceful, simple and maybe even a bit sexy.  Here are some fabulous pieces in black and white (the headboard is to die for!) that are sure to inspire you. What do you think?

Additionally, decorating with black and white seems to me to be easier.  You can't really go wrong, whereas getting color combinations right is more an art than anything else.  

Are you friendly toward black and white?  Or do you prefer more color?