Everyone Needs a Nude in Their Art Collection

I think every art collection needs a good nude.  Nudes have been an important subject throughout art history- from the Greeks all the way through to contemporary art.  Artists have created nudes to explore different themes like- athletic prowess, the divinity of procreation, mathematical proportions, seduction, fantasy...among many others. The female body has always been a focal point.  In my small and humble art collection I was missing a good nude. 

I have a couple of male nudes framed that I drew in my high school figure drawing class which I love, but they didn't feel official.  When I did my One Room Challenge in the fall a nude in my closet seemed liked a brilliant idea.  It was Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda who suggested it, and genius it was! And I have to say that I love my nude more and more everyday.  She has really become part of my life.  Going into my closet feels like a sweet respite. So, I'm here to insist that if you don't have a nude already you need to get crackin' and find one!

Here are a few rooms I loved with nudes-

( 1, 2, 3, 4 )

What do you think?  Am I making a case?  I feel like the weight of a nude is substantial in a room.  They can really define a space and make it powerful.  

My nude is from The Pink Pagoda (who always finds the best artists to represent) and was painted by super talented Reagan Geschardt.  If you liked mine you will love these and they are all available right now! The color palettes are exquisite and the poses are delicate and elegant.

If you are not one to display a nude in a living room or bedroom a bathroom or closet are perfect places for them. Do you have a nude in your collection?  If you do, show me!  Instagram it and use the hashtag #everyoneneedsanude.

Is a nude in your near future?