One ROom Challenge || Week Two - Walk-in Closet

I felt like last week went by quicker than usual....hmmm. I want to give you all an update on my closet which is what I'm working on for this One Room Challenge. If you are new and don't know what the One Room Challenge is it was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago.  In this challenge she lines up twenty talented interior designers and professional bloggers to redo a room in their home in just six weeks- we update you once a week on Wednesdays. And today is Wednesday!  (in case you missed it here is last week's post where I introduce my plans and some design inspiration.

At first, I wanted my closet to be pink. I love Quadrille's fabrics and so went there directly to see what inspired me.  I pulled several beautiful fabrics in pink tones but this Malmaison one seemed exactly right. It has a little pink, a little leopard and it is romantic and feminine- ideal for a walk-in closet.  I immediately thought I could splurge on some Farrow and Ball paint.  Their colors just have those deep pigments and they have the perfect pink to boot. But when I went to place the fabric order they told me it would take 6 weeks to get it. Six weeks??!! This is the One Room Challenge! I don't have time for 6 weeks! There was nothing I could do, so I asked about the other pretty pink Quadrille fabrics I had pulled.  ALL were made-to-order and thus took 6 weeks as well. I even tried finding about Amanda Nisbet's Positano...and of course it is also made-to-order. Oops....I needed to forget about fancy fabric and find something that was available so I went back to the drawing board.

My next thought was grey. More elegant, but more serious too. I had seen a pretty fabric at Calico which was way cheaper. It was this beigey/grey leopard fabric.  So I thought I would change my plan to something like this-

But then a few things happened. The chandeliers arrived and they were too big.  The scale was all wrong.  There was plenty of extra space around them but they felt too heavy for the narrow space. The mirror was out of stock (yikes!). Out of thousands and thousands of mirrors that I had scoured this was my favorite. Oh well.... and two of these sheep skins arrived and they smelled horribly.  The smell was really terrible. So much so that I packed those puppies right up and put them as far away as possible (the garage!) until I figured out the return label situation.  This closet is supposed to smell like perfume and roses not like a barn house. And to top it all off I wasn't crazy in love with the grey.  I wanted something fun and exciting as this closet represents my little escape.  I went back to my original idea of using pink and then started toying with the idea of lilac.  Ever since I saw this bathroom some months ago I have had lilac stuck in my head.

You all would have lilac stuck on your head after seeing this right? Follow me on Instagram as I try paint swatches in both pink and lilac....what color will I love the most?  Do you have some suggestions?  

And now let's see what my friends are up to today!!  I can't wait to read all about their progress.