On My Mind || Books, Red Fringe and Other Beauties

I would love to own these red suede fringe shoes! Oh my! So fun, daring and sexy.  Of course, one could only wear them on a very sunny and clean day, otherwise I don't even want to picture the fringe!  Hmmm..... This table in that color is a must. Someone, please!  

The pendant is beautiful.  I love the textures of the handbag and its size.  It would be ideal for fall.  And sign-me up for the coffee table books.  I think the Forever Chic book would be perfect for a friend's birthday gift (hint, hint...mine is coming-up). The Dior Perfumes book would be great to have if only just for the cover. And the Parisian interiors book would be a treasure.

Back to the shoes!!  PLEASE!  Would you wear them?