Schoolhouse Electric Favorites

I have been a fan of Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Company for a while.  I am really drawn to their nostalgic lighting reproductions from the turn of the century through the late 1940s.  What I didn't know was that they recently expanded their product line to include many wonderful things that I thought you should all know about like the gold serving pieces above.  We all have the trendy gold flatware....but I was stumped as to where I could get myself some serving pieces to go with my set- Why Schoolhouse Electric, of course.

They also have beautiful hardware! Knobs and brass!

The lighting is very nicely priced I have to say.

 I thought this house sign was fabulous.  Obviosuly because of the brass numbers, but I love that you can decorate your entrance with a plant! How original.  If I didn't have a house number already I would really want this one.

Help! And these are trash bins.  Chic indeed.....I want the brass one. But you knew that already.


more lighting

more brass fabulousness for your desk.  I have this pencil holder. My daughter loves it because she knows she can come to my desk and color.

cool BRASS sconce.

I'm a fan.  Check them out here.  Are you still obsessed with brass as much as I am?

[all images via Schoolhouse Electric]