Fourth of July Entertainment Tips

Fourth of July is right around the corner. Can you believe it?  Do you like to use this holiday as an excuse to celebrate and have friends over?  Here are some tips to help you pull off a perfect party. One || A great party starts off with festive decor.  Sparkling lights have the ability to brighten everyone's mood and put everyone in that festive mode as they enter thru the door.  Two || Trays are your best friend.  I love setting up my bar on a pretty tray so the party can move with us as we migrate to different corners.  This tray is such a beauty and really perfect for the fourth of July festivities.
Three ||  We all have those pretty plates and glasses we are saving up to use for a special occasion.  Guess what?  This is it.  Like my mom would say, " if you have it, flaunt it".  Food tastes better when they are presented in pretty plates.  Aren't these to die for? and the tumblers? Four ||  Assume your guests will forget everything and be ready to meet their needs.  Keep everything organized in a practical storage bin.  The beach towel is beautiful right? Leave it to Nate Berkus for Target.  Five || Seating everyone may be a challenge. Be creative and use things you have around the house.  I love these garden stools and they double as side tables. Six ||  Bring out the bubbly!!  Pamper your guests and always offer them your best.  I love having champagne as a treat.  And would just love to keep it chilled in this beautiful ice bucket. Seven ||  Plan your menu way in advance and have everything cut and diced and ready.  So when guests arrive you can pay all your attention to them.  Nothing is worse than having to leave your friend in the middle of a sentence to go check on the chicken.

What are your entertaining secrets?  Any you want to pass on?