That day that we ate chocolate cake while soaking

I hope all you wonderful mothers had a great Mother's Day.  Ours was splendid. Little Miss A made me feel like the coolest, most loved mother on the planet.  She gave me drawings and letters she had been quietly collecting under her bed, in addition to an abundance of the most delicious hugs and  kisses in the world. My daughter loves coming up with fun and exciting plans.  I indulge her whenever I can because I feel that being able to actually experience those moments that she first concocts in her imagination will arm her with with everlasting ingenuity throughout her lifetime. On her special mother-daughter-day agenda was to bake a cake and then eat it while we soaked in an obscene amount of bubbles.  Cake and bubbles with my favorite girl?  Twist my arm- I obliged.  We made this Miette tomboy chocolate cake.

The cake was divine! Here is the recipe if you are interested.  I'm in love with the Miette cookbook and can't wait to try more of their recipes. I was in heaven yesterday and feel blessed to have such an inspired little girl to love, guide, and protect.

What fun mother-daughter activities did you partake in?

[all photos by AMC]