Happy Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of you lovely mommas!  I hope you are celebrated and pampered plenty this weekend.  My husband is out of town on a conference but Little Miss A has taken it upon herself to make this Mother's Day the best yet.  She has a whole weekend planned for us. She has quite the agenda as it includes ( in no particular order)- dressing up as twinsies, cake with pink frosting, bubbles, cookies for breakfast topped with whipped cream (she says this type of breakfast is preferable to her learning how to use the toaster) and maybe a meeting with a beast at some point.  I hope to be able to share with you some of this on Monday. I'm quite excited actually.  And fingers crossed one of my best friends will be in town.
Also, these Kate Spade shoes have me quite excited.  Aren't they fun?  What are your plans this mother's day? Are you more of a gift person? or do you prefer to be treated to an experience, like a picnic for example?  I love breakfast in bed myself.