The MUST Have Earrings || Christian Dior

I adore statement earrings when I go out- for dinners, nights out, parties.....but when it comes to my day-to day earrings I'm a pearls kind of a girl.  I may occasionally switch them out here and there but 98% of the time if you see me during the day I will be wearing my simple pearls.  Predictable I know but somehow I feel that they brighten up my face and that I look prettier. A few months ago I spotted these amazing pearl earrings on one of Dallas' chicest Ladies, Merry Vose.  I had to ask- where are your earrings from? Christian Dior.  Little did I know they would become my new obsession. I have never seen earrings that are both classic and edgy at the same time.  How can that be?  They are not terribly expensive (If I remember correctly around $300), they are light and come in so many color combinations there is one that will suit you perfectly. I can't tell you how cool I feel when I wear my Christian Dior pearls?  VERY.  I love being able to be both modern and classic.  I feel ahead of the fashion curve for sure with these.

Intrigued right?  My mom even got a pair and she looks fab in them. These are the pearl ones I have. They are not available online so you will have to go to the brick and mortar store. I think this is a blessing in disguise because then you can try on the different colors to see which ones suit you best.  And if you get a few pairs you can even mix and match.  Who wants to be earring twins with my mom and I?

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