That day that we bathed ourselves in pearls

and arranged flowers and washed dishes. Happy Friday my sweet loves. It's Friday and it's warm. This makes me very happy.  Some days ago I mentioned I would try this pearl DIY with my jeweler friend.  So we did, and made some cute things: rings, bracelets and a necklace.  DIYing with a friend is so much more fun than going at it solo. We laughed so much and gossiped- perfect girl time.  We then did the usual...arranged flowers and washed the dishes...

These huge pearls had a way of making us feel very feminine.  If you attempt to do the DIY- we had one small issue- the holes of the pearls were too big so no matter how much glue we inserted the wire would not stick.  We solved this by stuffing bits of cotton in the hole with glue.  It worked like a charm!

Have a wonderful weekend.  I have a very exciting DIY for next week.  I think it should be ready....I will give you a hint...BAR'moire .

[all photos by AC]