On My Mind || Blues and Greens

We celebrated our anniversary last night.  Yummy french food and champagne. It was fun, but it was a school night. Oh and yes, we did have champagne- Did I mention that? So, I will make it short and sweet today.   Just some pretty blues and greens today to get you excited about all that outdoor time you will be enjoying soon.

Fun cocktail napkins are always conversation starters.  I love these clever ones | The perfect Spring and Summer jacket to dress up jeans or wear over a dress  | Fun plates for outdoor entertaining or just decorating | Gahhh....in love with these. Green and gold, what could be better? | A very clever, original and easy blue top. Perfect with jeans |  A comfortable and chic summer dress, perfect for any age.  Its so me, yet I can see my mom wearing it as well with her super chic necklaces | A mini chair has always been my go-to baby shower gift- a  mini acapulco chair (I'm all about Acapulco chairs lately) would be ideal for any upcoming baby showers!  You would be considered the most creative gifter.  And how cute are these mini Bertoia's? COntribute to the next generation of design fiends.  Plus with the Bertoia's you get two for that price!

Happy Thursday.  I will be drinking some coconut water today. Cheers!