DIY || Hairpin Table

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Do you know what I'm daydreaming about?  Making furniture.  Lately, I have been thinking about how cool it would be to take wood shop and/or metal welding classes to design and actually build your own furniture.  I loved Naomi's coffee table (above) which she made for the for the last One Room Challenge.  I came across this store that sells these beautiful hairpin legs which are the perfect height for a coffee table. This is another great source. I love this mid-century modern look.  Anyone up for a hairpin table DIY? I bet it would be 100% satisfying.  I mean to build your own coffee table?  Here are some sources I found for you- is the first source I came across and with a bit more research I found this great post on Retro Renovation on eight other sources for hairpin legs.  I also found this etsy store that sells them in all kinds of different colors (how fun to have them in pink!). This etsy shop also has some other types of table bases like the famous X-frame table legs.  And this site has colorful options too. Is your imagination running wild already? I even found this amazing blog called Homemade Modern, that has a tutorial on how to make a hairpin leg bench and a table.  And last but not not least you can even have these legs made to order in brass.  Tony Oliver is your man. Read more here.


Buy it? or DIY it?  It seems like this DIY could be straight forward enough if you have the time and energy.