Blazers and Turquoise Walls || Veronica Beard

I first was introduced to Veronica Beard through her and her sister-in-law's clothing line (I own one of their super clever blazers).  Then, I came across her bold and colorful apartment designed by family friend Thomas Britt and just fell in love with the turquoise walls. I love a girl who chooses to live in a home with a turquoise kitchen, dining room and living room.

The deliciously asphyxiating turquoise walls, the dreamy Moroccan chandeliers, the leopard print...they all create quite a punchy and unforgettable home.  Aside from her beautiful home I just mainly wanted to introduce you to their novel blazer designs that create a chic layered look.  The sweaters in the inside of the blazer are attached and are actually dickeys. Are you familiar with this term - dickey? It is a type of false shirt-front - originally known as a detachable bosom.  So you can buy the blazer and then get different dickeys that zip in for entirely different looks.  They are preppy and fresh and so cozy for these colder months.  I adore mine and get so many compliments.

Mine is similar to this last one.  It's so interesting getting some background information on designers especially when they have such good taste all around.  For more of her home see here and for more of her jackets see here.