Just Add Chocolate and Hearts

Valentine's is a good excuse to bake some yummy treats.  And since I have a wonderful and energetic little helper cooking and concocting are even more enjoyable.  We bought these cute heart sprinkles at the supermarket which were just waiting for us  to infuse some Valentine spirit into some otherwise traditional fare.  So, we came up with adding chocolate and sprinkles to madeleines and pretzels.  It was easy and fun and the end result was particularly pleasing to the eyes.  I mean add hearts and chocolate to anything you have yourself a party.

We used this Madeleine recipe here.  And then we melted some dark chocolate in the microwave and dipped the madeleines and pretzels inside and the sprinkled on the hearts.  Easy and festive.

William Sonoma no longer has my heart ramekins but they have other wonderful heart shaped pans and cookie cutters to set your imagination on fire. 

[all photos by AC]