Interiors || William Georgis

I know what you must be thinking? Two interior design posts back-to-back? So, unlike me, but i know you secretly love it and get inspired. After you really analyze that rug you will immediately forgive me.  It's good right? This NYC townhouse (and the rug) was designed by architect William Georgis. The rug immediately captivated my heart. You remember my splatter post from way back?  Well, I'm still not over it and this rug just made my yearning for splatter deeper.  The second thing that captivated me was the curved sofa.  You all know how much I love them from this post here.  The art, the massive space, the scale of the pieces, just add so much drama making these rooms glamorous and maybe even rebellious. I also included some photos of some of his other projects.

A disco ball and everything...hmmm. In reality this is all a bit much for me but I find the style exciting and it sparks many ideas. And idea generation is what it's all about, right?  Check out the rest of Georgis portfolio here.  He even has a book out, which you can buy here.  Happy Hump day my sweets.

[all images via William Giorgis]