ART || A signed Picasso for $135? Seriously!

This is really exciting and novel.  I couldn't believe it when I read the article but Picasso's grandson, Olivier Picasso, is promoting a raffle of one of his grandfather's cubist gouache's valued at around $1 million to raise money for charity. And anyone can buy a ticket (they are only selling 50,000) for $135.  Not a bad deal if you win right?  Tickets are still available- buy them here.  The official raffle draw will be on December 18th at Sotheby's in Paris.  I love this idea of raffling art.  The odds are way better than buying a lotto ticket. Do it.  What a great way to raise money. Here is some of the back story-

An anonymous donor bought this piece from a New York gallery and gave it to a charity to help save the ancient city of Tyre in southern Lebanon and build an institute for Phoenician studies in Beirut.  This is piece is called “L’Homme au Gibus” or “Man in the Opera Hat”.  It was painted in 1914 and is in perfect condition.  Read more about it here. With this raffle they hope to raise $5 million.

I'm partial to Picasso.  I love his work.  Plus he was born in Malaga (where my husband is from) and my little baby was baptized in the same church as he was.  Every summer we visit his museum and enjoy his works.  Fabulous!  What an exciting way to spend $135.  This may be my Christmas gift to myself. There is nothing like a gift that is not only helping a charity do its good deeds but this gift also promotes that exciting sense of anticipation and awakens that potential to dream. Ahhhh, if only..... I sure dream of having a Picasso in my home.  Buy tickets here.