A Black and White Holiday

I am currently dreaming about a beautiful black and white Holiday theme.  Aren't these inspirational images lovely?! We usually decorate the same way every year with a few changes from the precious year to make it exciting.  It's nice to revisit with old decorations that marked a special year or that have been passed down from my parents and remind me of childhood years.  But it is also nice to come up with new projects and ideas to commemorate the season. I especially love planning and executing a wonderful Christmas Eve tablescape that is always new and exciting.

This holiday season will be a bit challenging though as we are scheduled to move right before or right around Christmas time thus limiting the amount of decorations I can and want to put up this year in order to avoid all the unpacking, packing, repacking.... Even though the move is minor (we are just moving down the street)  it is difficult because this is my favorite time of year and I love having sparkly lights all around and seeing gold bows and santas everywhere.  As a compromise we ended up getting a miniature tree for my little one, but every time I see it out of the corner of my eye I think it fell over or something as I'm not used seeing such a tiny thing.  So, alas, I will dream vicariously through images on pinterest and other blogs to get my holiday decorating fix.  This time black and white are what have caught my attention-

[one | two | three | four ]

Here are a few ideas to get the look-

The first and last of the Holiday image photos are from the Hunted Interior my new favorite interior and DIY blog (check out the full post over at the Home Depot to see the amazing Holiday decor she created).  Kristin made those dalmatian curtains with a stencil.  Here is the post where she shares the instructions.  Her photos are amazing and her projects are really interesting. I promise you will be impressed. 

How do you like to decorate?  Do you like to do the same things every year? Or do you like to change things up?