Just Thinking about || My Ideal Reading Nook

I was floored when I saw this couch. Perfect shape, perfect fabric (they make wallpaper in this same pattern as well).  I just pictured myself running and jumping right in it as if it were a pool and just snuggling here with a good book.  This is pure coziness in my book.  And then to make matters worse I spotted this imitation of the Serge Mouille sconce, on which I have been crushing on for a while.  The real deal is prohibitively expensive (see here) so I was literally jumping on one leg when I saw this version. Anyhoo....someone please buy this sconce....it has such a good price, well at least in comparison to the real one, and it looks exactly the same.

Ok, next up in this ultimate lusting mode I'm in is this painting by Hunt Slonem.  I first saw his work via this article on Daun Curry.  She has a beautiful collection of bunnies in her little girl's room.   There are so many in this baby's gallery wall that my first thought was ' well they can't be that expensive' so I emailed the artist to inquire, and yes they are.  He has some fabulous parrots and other animals as well, but I like the bunnies the best. 

This table is perfect in all its green and lacquered glory and of course I had to add a little topiary to add to the lushness of this scene.  Perfect!  And what book will I be reading in this imaginary nook?  Well, my very well-read friend recommended this book which I will be picking up this week.

What are you thinking about today?