Home Tour || David Jimenez

There is so much information available in today's world that sometimes you need to see things a few times to really notice something.  I was reviewing David Jimenez's Kansas city home and really got to appreciate every little detail this second time around so much more.  I love his use of screens, pedestals, gallery walls, moldings, and wall colors.  Did I mention wall colors?

I also how he hangs paintings all the way to the bottom of the wall.  It just makes the space look so rich.  His home cozy, chic, and elegant without being stuffy.  That peacock blue room used to be the maid quarters which he turned into a dressing room.  But really, I just want to lay in his living room rug and do snow rug angels.

His color choices are perfection in my aesthetic world.  They just had to be that color and they could not be painted any other way.  Finding the right wall color is not easy especially when its a bold color like the ones he has here.  I chose an amazing eggplant kind of color for my dining room.  Everyone who sees it, adores it and comments on it.  If I ever move (and I will!) I'm painting my dining room the same color again.  You don't mess with that perfect color choice.

What do you think of David's home?  You want to make it yours? or not really?  It's interesting that he is an executive at Hallmark cards.  Imagine if he were an interior designer full-time and it wasn't just an extracurricular!

[images via Architectural Digest ]