DIY || Beaded Sweatshirt and Shirt

Boo!! Happy Halloween!!  So, excited to bring you this DIY today that my awesome friend Gaby from the Vault Files and I worked on together.  Well, we collaborated on the idea and then worked on our pieces independently (I wish Toronto were closer!). I worked on a sweatshirt and she worked on a chambray shirt both inspired by 'now sold-out' J.Crew pieces (This is the one that had me drooling).  I adore my new sweatshirt and have been wearing it non-stop.  I won't lie, it took a while to sew on all the little beads.  But I have to say it was kind of therapeutic. Ready? 

Ok, so I started off with this sweatshirt from H&M and beads that Gaby found.  They are similar to ones you can get on Etsy here and here. I first layed out the beads on top of the sweatshirt to make sure they were evenly spaced and then I made markings with a pen to know their places.  That's it!!  The materials are inexpensive, the real investment is in the time.  It definitely takes a while. But remember it was therapeutic, so it's all good.

I styled it with an old J.Crew shirt with a ruffled collar and ruffled cuffs, which I love.  I felt like they dressed up the sweatshirt and made it more feminine.  The jeans are Mother and the ballerina's are Anniele (you can tell by how dirty they are that I adore them and they are basically part of my uniform).  If you don't want to go through the trouble of doing this DIY Old Navy has some really cute and inexpensive alternatives (this one and this one).  

Ok, now dying to see Gaby's shirt!!  Visit her here!  This was such a fun collaboration.  Maybe we will come up with another one for you!

[ First image was created by the talented Gaby and the rest of the photos were taken by my husband]