Current Obsession || Kelly Wearstler stationery for PaperlessPost

There is nothing like a handwritten note.  But a handwritten note on Kelly Wearstler stationery??!!  Well, that is really SOMETHING.  I was thrilled when I learned about this from my friend Erika over at Smallshop.  I eat her blog up as if it were Halloween candy because she only shares the best and coolest things.  After I read her post I immediately started playing around with the designs available from Kelly Wearstler's collection for Paperless Post to see which one I really needed.  The invitations are also amazing.  (And just to be clear, because I have friends who live under rocks, Paperless Post does do PRINTED invites and stationery its not just virtual anymore.)

And you know what?  I couldn't make up my mind, so I ordered two different sets of 25 pieces each. They just arrived in the mail and they are even better in person.  I want to declare my love to everyone with these just to have an excuse to write.  One of the sets I ordered is above.  Can you guess which one it is?  I really am a stationery junkie.  I could easily have a whole armoire of different versions.  You?  Do you like snail mail?  Do you like indulging in the exercise of the hand written note?

Now I just need some cool stamps to go with these beauties.  I think this tiger will do.

And since we are on the Kelly Wearstler subject.  I need these LIPS.

[ all images via PaperlessPost]