On My Mind || A Medley of things today

Yeay for a long weekend!  This was an exhausting first week of school.  So glad the weekend is here to relax and enjoy the last bit of summer.  Any big plans?  We will be laying low, reading, hanging by the pool, and I really want to finish organizing my house to start off September on the right foot.  Here are just a few goodies to keep you entertained.  

Scarf | My sweet friend Elizabeth, with whom I was lucky to have lunch with earlier in the week, had this scarf with her which she lent me because I was freezing.  I fell in love with it!  Who is this by? Can I blog about it?  Its probably old news to everyone but these Theodora and Callum scarves are gorgeous.  Star Necklace |  Do you remember my designer and fabulous friend Carolina?  She is the designer behind this beauty.  Is it calling your name too?  Checker sweater | chic, cool, in vogue, goes with everything, need, need. Leaf earrings |  Nugaard Designer Erica has fabulous taste (of course she is Brazilian!).  These are actually real leaves dipped in gold.  Adore.  Glittery Smoking slippers |  Too weird?, too cheeky? too much?  Would you? could you?  I think they are fun with jeans and a white-tee.  Sandals | Pretty much perfect.

Happy, happy weekend my sweets!  See you next week! xx