A Print Gallery

How do you start off a gallery wall?  I have been helping a friend create a gallery wall for her little study.  She wants something mostly black and white but with pops of color and with personality.  We started off with the print of the Woman with the feather (its titled Oh Carmen) by Peggy Wolf Designs (check out her other desings....you will love them!)- intriguing right?  and big personality for sure. But how to blend her in on a gallery wall?  I then found this amazing pink and orange print that really perfectly complimented my mysterious feathered lady.  A match made in heaven? Perhaps! And guess where its from? Uncommon Goods.  I was very pleased with their print selection  (see more of it here).  We also spotted another fabulous print from their wall art collection-the aviator sunglasses, which of course had to be included as well (see more of their wall art here). And I love that this company really supports local artists and designers and most of their things are made in the USA (gotta love a socially responsible company).

Then we decided we needed more black and white prints and this is where the "Oh Darling, Let's be Adventurer's" print came in.   It's so simple yet so dramatic no? Its from a shop called Fifi Du Vie which also carries a ton of other very inspiring quotes.  The vintage camera is from another Etsy store, PerlaAnne, which my sweet friend recommended (in this post where I featured her home here).  This amazing shop has a great selection of printed linoleum and wood cut art. I then felt like we needed to add some blue to the selection to bring out the feather in the lady's headpiece so I visited Art.com  (a no fail for me) and found this Yves Klein print.  Last, but definitely not least, we needed a wee more pink and black to finish off our space. Of course, these The Aestate lips closed the deal. They have spread like wild fire and I can pretty much guess that at least 50% of you have it already.  Am I right?  So, this is the end result-

How do you start off a gallery wall?  And how do you decide what to add next? By color? By theme? What are your print go to sources? A few have asked me to do a post on my all time Etsy favorites...I haven't forgotten and will get to it soon.