Lamp Inspired Vignette

I'm in love with my new lamp.  I love lamps with black shades and this one just hit the spot.  I wanted something elegant and timeless yet contemporary for this little corner.  Lighting is so important in our daily lives.  I feel like if I have good lighting I'm more efficient and more energized, plus if  the light source is beautiful (ie like my new lamp!) then my happiness factor increases.  Its hard to explain, but beautiful lamps are something I have grown up with so I cannot have it any other way.  I arranged this little vignette to highlight my newest addition inspired by this post.  What do we think?

There are so many fabulous online websites for lighting but I was very pleased at the product selection at Do you have an online lamp source you recommend?  Oh, can I please keep raving about my snake box?  I know I blogged about it before, but for $14 I can't take how good it is.  I love it, I love, I love it. 

 [all photos by me for ML]
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