Giveaway || Two $100 gift certificates to ASOS

Ok friends, this is a good one!!  I thought you all needed some special pampering this week, so thanks to ASOS I can offer this exciting giveaway. We will have two (not one but TWO!) winners that will each get $100 gift certificate to ASOS to get whatever their little hearts' desires.  Pretty cool right?   And really, they have so many cool things at such fabulous prices that everyone is bound to find something special.  A $100 gift certificate at ASOS stretches pretty far.  I highlighted above the pieces that I have been eyeing this week, and they are all under $100.  WHile researching their site for this post I couldn't resist and just had to get myself this dress in black. The temptation was just too much and that price I really had no option. I figured it has the right amount of chic and girly vibe to it and just seems like such a wearable piece.
So in my list of favorite picks we have - 1 | this fabulous black and white cut-out dress (cut out dresses are in if you hadn't noticed) 2 | this amazing white structural top (perfect for fall), 3 | my fave frilly dress, (I will share with you how it fits once it arrives) 4 | the necessary midi skirt (also in fashion right now) and 5 | the super chic striped shorts (shorts are back and with a vengeance it feels like). 

Some other things that caught my attention- this jumpsuit is so practical and elegant and I love the color combination in this dress.  What about this skirt?! Help! I know if you are a blogger you are really excited about this giveaway because you probably love ASOS already.  If you are not a blogger, then maybe you have no idea what am offering here.  Trust me, you want to enter this giveaway and get to know ASOS and all their affordable and oh so stylish pieces at fabulous prices.  Bloggers adore ASOS and there is good reason.

To enter you must:

Ok, ladies- Get set, GO!!!  Fingers crossed for you all. xx