Feel Beautiful

"Feel Beautiful"- such a potent and empowering message. Sometimes its hard to feel beautiful for so many reasons-lack of sleep, a raging pimple,  high humidity affecting your curly hair (check, check and check!)....And sometimes the reasons are even more powerful- maybe we are sad, anxious, broken hearted, or just plain unsatisfied with  a certain feature.....I know its hard sometimes....but we have to be brave.  And we have to stop comparing ourselves to others.  It takes courage and confidence to feel beautiful as well as knowing what is real and important.   And this is the secret that Elizabeth Showers, the designer behind her namesake jewelry line, knows. You know I love her designs as I have posted about her before (here and here). Her fresh and beautiful designs combined with her appreciation for imperfection is what makes her designs so special and outstanding. Her pieces communicate hope and optimism elevating her jewelry to more of a spiritual level.  

Want to know what makes me feel beautiful?  When I see myself through my daughter's eyes.  When I see pimples, a wobbly belly...she sees the most beautiful mommy in the world.  In her eyes I'm perfect.  But of course, wearing beautiful jewelry also helps! I'm not sure how it is possible, but wearing these borrowed pieces from Elizabeth Showers really made me feel special.  Let me tell you it was hard to part with them (especially the rings!!  I love wearing huge rings so these felt right at home in my fingers and loved combining them with a stack of smaller silver bands.)

Oooh!!  the earrings!  ArenΒ΄t they divine?! What I love about these pieces is that they are so wearable....as in... even for horsing around with my favorite little person.  Little Miss A. thought the yellow kaleidoscope earrings would look great on her little ballerina drawing.

Gosh, this monkey kills me....he is so whimsical and fun.  Tell me, a) what makes you feel beautiful?  and b) which of your features would you say you like best?  My answers a) Seeing myself through my daughter's eyes makes me feel beautiful as I mentioned, as does my husbandΒ΄s sweet words and loving looks and b) I would have to say my favorite features are my hands, my eye brows (yup..as bushy as they are!) and my eyes.  Your turn!

For more inspiration on how other bloggers styled Elizabeth Showers jewelry you can visit Carly  (in love with the green cocktail ring!) and Monica (she will post on Friday!).

Here are my favorites-

[ All items we borrowed except for the Feel Beautiful pendant- c/o Elizabeth Showers ]
Post sponsored by Elizabeth Showers but all opinions are my own, as always!  I genuinely love Elizabeth Showers jewelry and would buy all these pieces photographed if I could!]