DIY || Tribal Clutch


I'm in love with this little DIY....its easy and there are so many ways you can make it your own by just changing the wrapping paper, the color of the feathers...I can think of hundreds of variations that would look ideal.  I use mine as a clutch, but it could also be a very nice way to gift a bottle of wine to someone. And you know the little leather star I added? it was inspired by these shoes.  You never know when inspiration will strike!

Here is what you need-

And here are the easy steps-

1 || Measure and cut a rectangle of wrapping paper that will go around the entire cylinder. Set aside
2 || Take out the leather string that the box came with you as you will be making a prettier one.
3 ||  Spray paint the entire cylinder with primer and then  add gold spray paint to the top and bottom. 
4 ||  Mod Podge the paper to the birch cylinder.  For the elevated circle of the closure I cut out a slit on the paper so the paper could fit through.
5|| Let dry and repeat the Mod Podge for several coats.
6 || Take the golden thread and attach multiple strands around the closure circle and braid it.  Make sure it is long enough to go around the entire cylinder and a couple of times around the closure circle and then some so the end can look like a tassle.
7 ||  Cut out two star shaped forms from the scrap of leather.  Paint it gold with a gold leafing pen. Glue them on to one of the strands at the end of the golden braid.  
8 || Add some colorful feathers and voila!! you are done!

Let me know if you attempt it! xx

[all photos by me for Mimosa Lane]