Pearls are back [ or they will be ]

I can't wait to see the Great Gatsby.  I think it has to do with a few of my favorite things- Leo, Art Deco, lavish parties, champagne, and jewelry (and more specifically pearls!).  In the 1920s the style was to wear long strands of pearls and so from the images I have seen the movie is filled with beautiful pearl pieces.  I think nowadays pearls are thought of as too classic in style for some, but I think this will start to change as jewelers adapt pearls into more modern designs and they get more press (like the Great Gatsby movie!).  Plus prices for pearls are currently very good making it easier for them to make it to the mainstream.

When I think of pearls, the first person that comes to mind is Coco Chanel who used to love her pearls and rarely be caught without them.  Here are a few of my favorite images of her sporting pearls.

She was so chic at any age!  I pulled a few pearl pieces that I have been loving lately.

There you have it- some chic and modernized pearls.  I have always been a pearl earring kind of a girl.  Literally, I wear them everyday.  I change them out for evening outings in favor of more exciting earrings, and once in a while for the day, as well, but I just think that I look so much prettier with my pearls.  Its as if I feel my face is brighter with them.  Maybe they are my security blanket?

How do you feel about pearls?

all Coco Chanel images via Vogue