On My Mind || Still, lots of color

Happy Friday!  Thanks for all your wonderful support on yesterday's post.  You are all so sweet and I appreciate you letting me use the post as therapy.  Thinking things through like that really helps me.  Well, it's official for us- school is out and summer is here.  And still on my mind is lots of color.  White and either black or navy stripes automatically remind me of summer, perhaps because of their nautical nature. This cute lobster bottle opener screams summer- an ideal hostess gift for any summer cookout parties you are invited to.  The cute little black and white dress can be a year-round staple if styled right.  And, please, who doesn't need a bell.  I think it would be so nice to be laying by the pool reading interior design magazines and once you realize you are out of lemonade you ring your bell, naturally to call for more....oooohh my imagination does run wild with this bell.

Since some days ago I found you the official Lichtenstein sunglasses your life will now be complete with this dish set!   I believe this would be dining experience like no other if you were to dine on these plates (you are welcome!). 

Suntanning with perfectly coiffed hair sounds ideal.  I know that my locks get frizzy just by the mention of the word 'ocean', so this would indeed be a highlight if it were to ever happen. I love the pairing of this beachy photo with the fabulous yellow summery earrings.  These earrings are girly, sexy, and sweet all mixed into one, if its even possible.  Fabulous magenta!  Lively and luxurious- I'm loving this pillow from Belquist, a cute shop with many other globe-trotting pillow styles.  And even though this necklace is completely out of my budget I just had to share it with you all....the colors,  the drama, the split personality vibe emanating from it is TOO good...its a walking party.

Happy Weekending!